Thursday, March 17

Mogadon for the Masses

I was at my girlfriends house last night and she’s an avid TV watcher. One of her less endearing qualities is the amount of 100% vitamin enriched gold plated rubbish she watches.

The first was a program about a hospital in London – and the mawkish ambulance chasing that went on was incredible! First off was a older motorcyclist injured in a road traffic accident (RTA). Though the “journalists” didn’t explain, from the injuries he sustained (all to the left side of his body) and the damage to the front of the car, it was obvious that the car had emerged from a side road and T boned him. Despite the serious internal injuries he had sustained (abdominal bleeding, breathing difficulties and fluid in his chest) and the broken arm, leg and head injuries, the trauma surgeon still had time to look photogenic and chat to the camera for the benefit of the program.

WTF IS GOING ON HERE? Surely to all that is sensible the first duty is to the injured man? But no! the time spent pandering to the camera was more important. This did not sit easily with Sonia either. I ride a motorbike and I could see she was visualising my tender carcasse being mangled in the same way.

Next up was a 10 month old girl with pierced ears and brought in by a Chav mother. The bairn was suffering from a temperature. The poor thing doesn’t stand a cat in Hells chance in life IMHO. Ignorant mother, all the hallmarks of the lifestyle these people elect to follow and judging by the mothers attitude, a carefully developed and nurtured attitude which can be summed up by “The world owes me a living”.

And so it went on … I cannot see for the life of me how watching other peoples suffering and misery can be classified as mainstream entertainment – particularly at 7-30 in the evening. Unless it is the “feel good” factor kicking in? All’s well that ends well perhaps? Does THAT make you feel better? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

I gave up and went onto the computer to research stuff about one of my passions – civil liberties and the relationship between the State and the individual. I’ve read two books in particular recently which has caused a lot of the ideas and feeling I have about this country to coalesce into concrete form. I found myself muttering to myself “I wish I had said that!” The way the endless torrent of laws, political correctness and regulations are eroding the freedoms Britain has previously enjoyed is frightening. It is a bit like your hair growing – you don’t notice it but when someone meets you again after a few weeks and comments on your Bohemian looks, THEN you realise just how bad things are. So it is with freedoms - actually cataloguing what has been lost is thought provoking. And the books set down just how the thoroughly th fundamental building blocks of this country have been destroyed. It’s frightening.

So it was in a more sombre mood I rejoined my little pocket Venus to watch Jamie’s School Dinners. I’d never really rated the man – I prefer Gary Rhodes’ style of cooking and way of presenting things – but I’m warming to him. It takes guts to swim against the tide and try to do things to your very best ability, particularly when there is no direct profit or reward in it for him - just grief and heartache. And he deployed and demonstrated such a range of skills (marketing, financial, organisational and sheer bloody hard work) that I found myself cheering him on. Good on yer Mate!. No wonder you are a successful businessman. He rides a scooter too – not quite a motorbike but it’s a start.

Now that Jamie’s School Dinners is finished, I can’t see me watching Wednesdays TV much. Or any TV the rest of the week either.

And so to bed (as Samuel Pepys would say).


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