Wednesday, April 6

Election!! (yawn)

Well Teflon Tony has taken the plunge and declared that there will be an election on 5th May. I could have told you that a long while ago – Sonia works for one of the local Councils and she was warned a while ago that she would be working in the polling station or counting votes that day/night. It pays to have friends in the know …

Now we can watch the antics of our political Lords and Masters desperately trying to convince us of the need to vote for them to retain their well salaried and comfortable lifestyles and gloss over the incompetence and cack handedness they have displayed over the past four years.

Every night, the leaflets are covering my hallway like leaves on the forest floor in autumn. Red, yellow, green with the occasional blue and pink (Pink? Will this colour appeal to me as a voter?). Some of them are glossy, full colour double fold ones and these are invariably from the Labour Party. I wonder where they get the money to produce such a blizzard of paper. But there again, the labour Party has produced such a large number of laws and statutes that have resulted in more paperwork and bureaucracy for the rest of the working population that I shouldn’t be surprised that they are indulging in mass destruction of forestry to convince me to vote for them. I’m tempted to say that they are disposing of these leaflets like there was no tomorrow – and for some, there WON’T be a tomorrow (hurrah!!) but wishful thinking will have to wait.

My local labour MP is proud of the NHS apparently. I wonder why? According to Civitas (link here the cash that has been thrown at the NHS hasn’t resulted in much of an improvement – in fact it is hard to see where the cash has gone and a negative to zero improvement in processes has occurred over the time period in question. I suppose he must be confusing ordinary peoples experiences of the NHS with Saint Tone of Sedgefield’s experience. When Saint Tone had occasion to use the NHS hospitals a few years back, he was seen immediately, ushered through the process and had the very best care and attention available. If only my (and others) experience was similar.

He’s pleased to mention “hard working families” several times throughout the leaflet and how they are enjoying unrivalled prosperity under the benevolent hand of the Labour Party. According to The Business (self proclaimed as “Europe’s Global Business News” link here

“the Centre for Policy Studies has shown, a two-parent, one-earner family on £24,000 a year, with a mortgage and two young children is now just over a pound a week per head better off than a lone-parent household entirely dependent on the welfare state. If it stays together, our £24,000 family will pay over £5,000 a year more in tax than it receives in benefits; if it breaks up, the two households can receive up to £7,000 more in benefits than they pay in tax.”

When I think of the £5 Billion (and in Britain a billion is one million x one million or £1,000,000,000,000) raid carried out by Mr Brown on the pension funds of those working to provide some sort of security in their old age, I can’t seem to reconcile labours claims that it is rewarding the industrious and thrifty and looks kindly on them with their cash grabbing actions. Still, it MUST be true if the Labour Party are saying it.

Law and order is mentioned in the same glowing terms – but again my research and personal experience is at variance with the vision proclaimed in the leaflet. I read about the Police prosecuting to the limit the usually law abiding driven to the limits of their sanity and tolerance by youths, then the same youths being forced to accept an ASBO. Now it is my understanding that an ASBO means that you have been breaking the law persistently for a long period but rather than prosecute, the Police prefer to lump all the lawbreaking together and say in essence “We know you have been breaking the law, but provided you promise not to do so, we won’t prosecute you”. It is significant that the majority of ASBO’s are broken repeatedly by the same people.

Anyone who has raised dogs will know that it is a system doomed to failure. To train a dog, if it does something you object to, discipline it. If you want it to do something, praise and reward it when it does the action. If you don’t care one way or another (e.g. the dog lying on an old armchair) do nothing. The dog will quickly realise that this is normal behaviour. As far as I can see, by NOT objecting and punishing criminals for breaking the law, you are conditioning them to believe this is normal and tolerated by society at large. So by the time an ASBO has been applied, a long period of getting away with the behaviour has been ingrained into the psyche as being normal and therefore is unlikely to be abandoned at this late stage.

I think most people who aren’t protected by armed to the teeth Police (as our political Lords and Masters are) would disagree with the claim that you are safer and better protected than at any time since slime mould dragged itself out a swamp when the world was young (or more prosaically, within history, according to the Labour party spin doctors – but only if history started eight years ago).

He is particularly proud to proclaim that he voted to ban foxhunting with hounds. Go back and re-read the stuff above and see if you might agree that the jewel in the crown of all the legislation passed by this Parliament which has benefited the electorate is this piece of legislation. No matter what your opinion of the merits of foxhunting, I think that the amount of time and effort expended on the process could have been put to better use.

But The Conservative leaflets are hardly better (less glossy but the content is what counts, not the form).

I read on one of the news sites that the parties are spending millions on winning over the 800,000 key voters in marginal seats to gain victory.

Can I offer a tip to our Political Lords and Masters? Instead of concentrating on less than a million voters, concentrate on the Millions (the 95%) of ordinary people and LISTEN to what they want and then deliver.

Any political party that did that instead of concentrating on minorities and listening only to themselves would get my vote.


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