Thursday, April 28

Keep fit? It’s too dangerous!

OK – I admit I’m not terribly fit and a bit overweight. Sonia keeps going on at me to get fit and be more active. She’s a talented dancer and goes dancing twice a week generally and allegedly walks quite a bit. This must be during the summer or on holidays because she’s never demonstrated a particular strong desire to go for walks while I have known her. On a Sunday we occasionally will walk about 1 ½ miles along the beach to Tynemouth market and back again and despite my alleged out of condition fitness I manage to keep up and it’s generally Sonia who is panting and needs to recover with a cup of tea afterwards.

She says she used to be a good trampoline gymnast when she was younger and as it is a low impact, safe and aerobic exercise that I should take up. I wondered how I’m going to fit a trampoline into the house and how I’m going to avoid hitting the ceiling. And what would the neighbours think? Just out of sheer perversity I suggested that nude trampolining might be a good family orientated activity and that we should do it together. It wasn’t met with an enthusiastic response – I wonder why?

I recalled a trampolining accident I’d been e-mailed a while ago so dug out this link to point out to her the very real and underrated dangers of trampolining.

She wasn’t convinced. Women, eh?

Now that the better weather is here and the evenings are light enough until 8-30 I’m determined to cycle along the sea front and along the river towards North Shields a few times a week. My usual route takes about 45 minutes and covers probably seven to eight miles – though if there are a lot of ships or boats out, then it will take longer as I like to watch them and see what they are, what they could be carrying and if they are coming or going. I could spend all day watching the shipping if I had a house with a sea view (technically I do but I’d have to stand on the chimney pot and hang onto the TV aerial to see the sea. No really practical). You need to keep your wits about you though and pick your route carefully. The traffic isn’t too heavy but the chavs and young blades tend to drive their clapped out Vauxhall Corsas and Renault Clios at speed along the roads. I pick my route carefully and keep a sharp lookout. Riding a motorcycle helps develop road awareness and translates into a “never trust anyone in a car” attitude which keeps me alert.

I’m tempted to get another dog but it isn’t practical – even though the regular exercise in taking him out was certainly a good form of exercise.

It’s either that or take up smoking – at least when I cough I’d be getting SOME exercise …


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