Tuesday, May 17

Links Added

I've finally got off my well padded posterior and puzzled out how to add links to other blogs.

I have put the ones in I visit daily and from these few, you can wander freely around other blogs and while away the hours .. or days .. or bloody hell!!! is that the time!!

I recommend the parking attendant one - it might give you an insight into an articulate and educated blokes view of his job.

The gun ones may surprise you - the "Look what happens in America" argument irritates me as people do NOT actually do what they say. They never objectively look at what DOES happen in America. One day I might do a posting on why the American constitution was set up and its influence. It might give an insight as to why I added these links.

I'll add others as I get the time and inclination .... or not as the fancy takes me.


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