Wednesday, June 22

Solstice and Sunrise

I had decided to ride the bike into work yesterday – the promise of the weather forecast on Monday night had lulled me into the belief that it would be a nice day.

I set the alarm and woke up extra early so that I could take the scenic route into work and enjoy myself a bit before I got there.

I looked out of the window as soon as I got up and watched the rain stotting (the local word for bouncing) a good six inches off the pavement. I tried to cheer myself up by trying to convince myself that it was just a shower, that it would clear up momentarily and that I’d at least be able to ride the bike home and enjoy myself in the evening. Fat chance!

I watched the weather forecast on the TV – as usual it was London based and I was getting annoyed about how hot and sunny it was in London. A glance at the temperatures had the North at least 6 degrees centigrade cooler than the south east. It is about par for the temperature distribution - Northumberland has a growing season a full 6 weeks shorter than (say) Kent. Good old 55 degrees North.

As I drove along the sea front in the car, the sun was a brighter patch on the sea – it allowed an expert observer to distinguish where the North Sea ended and the sky sort of started. It was all a steel grey monochrome and, as it turned out, it was cold most of the day with frequent wind blown showers.

So dancing naked to celebrate the Solstice was out – frostbite, exposure and a charge of insanity with a supplementary one of indecent exposure was on the cards. How about sacrificing a virgin? I calculated the prospects of finding a virgin in Whitley Bay nowadays. I gloomily concluded that I stood more chance of finding a UFO piloted by Elvis Presley with the Loch Ness Monster as the co-pilot filling up in the local petrol station than finding one of those elusive creatures.

I had to content myself with chasing next doors cat from under the car and watching it get wet in the rain.

It wasn’t really the same as naked dancing or virgin sacrificing, somehow ….


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