Tuesday, July 26

I want to emigrate (Part Two)

Since posting on the 9th July, I’ve been reading and looking at various blogs, websites and listening and watching the news and thinking hard about things. My original disgust hasn’t been diminished in the slightest.

The Politicians (such as Saint Tone of Sedgefield – may he reap the rewards he so richly deserves) is living in a political vacuum as he drives around in his bullet proofed and armour plated official car surrounded by armed police dispensing sage and statesmanlike statements such as “Carry on as usual”, “THEY won’t scare ME!” I wonder why? If I had the close quarter protection provided by numerous SAS trained and trigger happy policemen plus armour plated cars to protect my tender backside, I suppose my perspective on the perceived dangers would be a bit different too. The cover picture of the latest issue of Private Eye sums the situation up nicely – it pictures Saint Tone of Sedgefield (S.T.O.S.) with Ken Livingstone. S.T.O.S is saying “We must hunt down these people” and Ken Livingstone replies “and invite them to tea ….. Mr Livingstone has a long and consistent history of inviting known terrorists to tea – Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, various Sinn Fein people, extremist Islamic “Clerics” (such as sheikh Omar Bakri Mohamed and Anjem Choudary, leader of the extremist group al Muhajiroun ) and so forth so I suppose that it isn’t too far from the truth. He will be a bit pushed to invite a suicide terrorist to tea after the deed so I suppose in our “we will not tolerate anything we perceive as intolerance” society, he’ll have to invite them beforehand. I can’t see a problem with that – he could give them free day passes to the London Underground and transport system and ensure that the Police that particular day are concentrating on searching the bags of 75 year old grannies returning home with their weekly shopping. After all it would be UNFAIR to solely target young Muslim males as it would violate their human rights. The Grannies rights (and mine, and yours) are unimportant. The Politicians, in close and cosy collusion with the press and media in this country, have been so busy enforcing their political correctness and intolerance onto everyone that the growing menace and evil which anyone who has even read the Koran once could have predicted would occur seems to have passed unnoticed. Consequently when this bombshell (pardon the comparison but it does seem to be appropriate) burst on the country as a whole, the press and politicians are as lost and bereft of ideas on how to tackle the menace as a newborn infant. Hence the total lack of any coherent plan, strategy or idea on what to do other than tinker with the existing politically correct ideology which caused the problem in the first place. And the “carry on as normal” messages from our protected politicians.

Such sentiments seem to be all pervading at the moment and the press seem to be relishing the freedoms to be lost and the changes in our every day life following these ISLAMIST TERRORIST bombings (I have capitalised that just to emphasise that I’m not prepared to submit either to Islam or to Political Correctness – though nowadays the results of not submitting to either are about the same). Random searches, more restrictions on liberties, phone tapping and interception of mail (both written and private) and I’m sure that the subject of identity cards and the religious hatred law haven’t been dropped. Ah, yes. How the press are relishing in telling everyone who will listen (including the Politicians) that it is all inevitable, that the World has changed irrevocably and that there is nothing to be done. So sorry and all that.

Well, I disagree. The telegraph has an article which states some basic steps I believe are long overdue and can be found here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2005/07/23/dl2301.xml
But I don’t think it goes far enough.

What is the point of identity cards and more restrictions on the the law abiding when our borders are so open that anyone (and I do mean ANYONE) can walk into the country as and when they want? According to the press, two weeks or so before the bombings, a known Al Q’aida terrorist entered on a Normal commercial flight and left a few days beforehand. What was done? Was he denied entry? Was he followed? Was he ordered to report to Police Stations at regular intervals? No- nothing was done. He was as free to roam around as the pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

But even if any single one of these actions was taken, the flood of illegal immigrants would make smuggling anyone who plans evil into the country is childishly easy. The Government figures of ESTIMATES of illegal immigrants into the country is shockingly high – I’d be inclined to multiply them by a factor of 3 or 4 just to take into account the weasel methods of the Government and Politicians – at over 600,000 so a cadre of terrorists being smuggled in would go unnoticed. But why bother with the discomfort of entering the country illegally? As I pointed out, flying first class into London Heathrow is quicker, cheaper and much more comfortable.

Melanie Phillips (website here http://www.melaniephillips.com – look in her “Diary” Section for some excellent insights and comments on this mess) comments that we are indeed at war. Her article dated 25th July 2005 points out that from a YouGov poll, a full 6% (or in round figures 96,000) of British born, raised, educated and living here Muslims support and endorse terrorism. Contrast that with the actions of Thomas Hamilton that I outlined in my last post and the reaction to that.

My solution would be to implement immediately the ten points in the Telegraph article but afterwards, start to force ALL Muslims and anyone else wishing to permanently reside in this country to swear allegiance to its values, laws, Government and systems. There is the probability (in fact, based on the last months events a certainty) that this would not be taken seriously and would be a mockery but the sting in the tail would be this. The law of Treason (and for the purposes of this discussion I will take treason to mean a crime that undermines the offender's government, disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior or an act of deliberate betrayal) should be brought up to date with the death penalty invoked for this particular act. The traitors complete family should be then deported back to their country of origin, or failing that, my favored option would be to air drop them into Afghanistan – a good Moslem country which would welcome all true believers with open arms – in the western clothes they stood up in. Who could possibly object to this as they were working for an Islamist state ruled under Sharia law so exporting them into such a place would be a humane way of ensuring that at British taxpayers expense, their dreams and hopes were realised without delay or effort.

In other words this Islamic cancer at the heart of our society should be excised drastically and thoroughly with the survival and wellbeing of Britain firmly in mind.

I doubt it will happen though – their rights are paramount and we must accept the destruction of our rights, society, culture, history and very existence. That grinning gargoyle of a wife to Saint Tone of Sedgefield, being a human “rights” lawyer, is far too involved in defending the indefensible and creaming off to much in fees to want the present system to stop. And guess whose ear she has every night? So guess who will be a dead hand on any attempt to change even the direction (let alone the law) on the sheltered status of the Islamist extremists who want to destroy not only everything that is good about Britain but the western way of life and its value systems. Not for nothing is London referred to as Londonistan by those who watch the way Islamist extremists conduct their ideological war. It has been going on for at least 25 years to my certain knowledge and there isn’t any sign that anything is being done to even start to address the problem.

I want out.

Saturday, July 9

I want to emigrate (Part One)

I was listening to Jeremy Vine while driving from work on Friday. The discussion was on the bombings in London and I was truly astonished at some of the comments from the people phoning in.

To set the scene, I’ll give you my view of the bombings

First off, I believe that they are the work of Muslims. A little thought on the various terror groups that would or have in the past targeted Britain will reveal a pattern of attacks that can be associated with a particular group. For instance, the IRA (with the exception of a few very early attacks that alienated people such as the Birmingham pub bombings) targets economic targets – their methodology is to cause the British Government to reckon the monetary cost isn’t worth hanging on to Northern Ireland.

The attacks in London were identical with the ones Spain. The explosives used were not improvised (i.e. they were a commercial or Military type which is not readily available in Britain rather than the ammonium chlorate and sugar types – the so-called fertiliser bombs). The Muslims are claiming responsibility and Al Jazeera confirms this. Al Jazeera is the Arabic news service – which ironically is staffed by the Journalists trained by the BBC for overseas service and were made redundant by the BBC. What did they do? They started off their own Broadcasting service. So you can’t criticise them without pointing a finger at the BBC for their standard of reporting too...

If comparison is made with the style and methods used by the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan (remember Afghanistan? It’s still very much a "live" shooting war overshadowed by Iraq), except for the fact that there isn’t the public transport infrastructure in these countries, the methods are indistinguishable. Attacks on the "soft" civilian population (as opposed to defended and more secure Military or government targets), no warnings, multiple simultaneous attacks and timed to cause the maximum publicity. They use car bombs because a single person could not carry enough explosive to cause the damage required in the open air. Inside a tunnel where the force of the explosive is contained, 10 pounds of explosive is more than adequate.

However, the callers on the Jeremy Vine phone in were vehement in their condemnation of any suggestion that the attacks were carried out by Muslims. To even suggest such a thing and to suggest that the Police should concentrate their efforts in tracking down the culprits from the Muslim population was to bring rabid, insulting and self righteous attacks on the person making the remark. After all, the attack COULD have been masterminded by blond, blue eyed and Anglo-Saxon British people. To say otherwise is to attack the Human Rights of Muslims and should be roundly vilified.

One woman was fiercely defending this point of view and suggested that the Police should even handedly suspect everyone ...

Let me come at this from another point of view. When Thomas Hamilton went on a rampage in Dunblane and killed 13 children there was understandable shock and condemnation. How could this have happened? Firearms owners were vilified and portrayed as Satan Incarnate. An examination of the facts (which seems to be beyond the capabilities of the Public, Journalists or Politicians) reveals a different story.

Thomas Hamilton had a list of complaints against him as long as your arm. These ranged from parents objecting to the way he was running his "boys clubs" to threatening a woman PC on his own doorstep with a handgun.

He was thrown out of every gun club he joined and was blacklisted from all of the others in the area. The shooting community is a close knit one and most shooters know everyone in their own clubs and in the area. EVERY club secretary wrote to the Police and said in essence "What on earth are you doing granting this madman a firearms certificate?" The Police Officer who visited him prior to the renewal of his firearms certificate recommended that it be revoked. It was renewed on the decision of a higher officer. The reason? He was a known paedophile and a Police informant. The Police KNEW of his activities, they knew he was involved in a paedophile ring but he was supplying such high quality information that to "keep him sweet" the certificate was renewed.

Mr. Frank Cook, the MP of Stockton North said this at a rally in Trafalgar Square. I'm not sure if his Parliamentart privelege extends to Public rallies but if he was wrong, I daresay he would be sued by whoever. It was something the Journalists conveniently ignored in their vilification of a section of the community which was law abiding and extremely conscious of the threat from the Police And State to their freedoms, property and liberty should they put a foot wrong.

Hamilton had taken pains to learn the layout of the school and carefully questioned pupils about timings of assembly etc. So it is fair to say that he carefully planned this, for a long period before it happened.

But who could have predicted that Thomas Hamilton would go so far off the rails, eh? Who indeed! Only the Police, the shooting community, everyone who complained about him and so forth.

The result was that 68,000 law abiding and honest people had their property (i.e. handguns) confiscated by the state and their rights revoked by a stroke of the pen. Mr. Jack Straw (a man of straw indeed) stated at the time that he was convinced it would be a major contribution to public safety. It is ironic that since then, the rate of firearms offences has climbed remorselessly. Ask Letitia Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis’ parents about the good that removing handguns in 1997 from people who had gone through the process of being granted a firearms certificate and subject to the closest of scrutiny by the Police has done. But, as usual, I digress.

Now, the actions of one man who, under the legislation existing at the time, should have been disbarred from being granted a firearms certificate, despite massive failure and collusion by the Police in the crime resulted in the sweeping aside of the civil and human rights of 68,000 law abiding people.

So in numerical terms, if the actions of 0.0014705% of a population are to be a reason to set aside ancient and traditional rights and liberties, then surely any larger percentage of a population acting unlawfully should be a similar reason for THEIR rights being swept aside.

There are 1.5 million Moslems in Britain out of a population of about 57 million. Of the 1.5 million, Abu Hamsa recruited at least 200 young British Moslems to fight in Afghanistan. This figure comes from the documents seized by the police when they raided the Mosque Abu Hamsa preached at. This figure of 200 are the ones the British Government will admit to (and this is from ONE Mosque – I cannot estimate how many others from elsewhere in Britain went to fight in Afghanistan or elsewhere such as Iraq).

A quick punch of the calculator keys shows that, on the basis of 200 Moslem men, a minimum of 0.013333% of Moslems in this country are fully prepared to place their faith above the laws and traditions and practices of "their" country. Remember, this is the number recruited by Abu Hamsa alone. Multiply it by whatever factor you deem appropriate to account for other hard line Mosques and Imam recruiters. Contrast this with the way so-called "Mercenaries" are treated – it is illegal and punishable by imprisonment to fight for a foreign power if you are British (unless the British Government sanctions this, of course).

But should we question their rights and privilege to remain in this country? NO!!! That’s racism.
So the Police should not discriminate against this section of the community – in fact they should search and suspect everyone. So if there are 1.5 million Muslims in the country out of a population of 57 Million, then just to be scrupulously fair to these people, for every 38 Police officers assigned to the case, only ONE of these should concentrate on Moslems. The other 37 should spend their time checking, searching and investigating the rest of the population. THAT is fair and does not show discrimination. It might violate their human rights to do otherwise. To Hell with MY rights. They are expendable if they can be sacrificed on the altar of Political Correctness.

Madness? Of course. But political correctness and fairness even in the face of overwhelming evidence reigns paramount. By massively misusing the Police resources in this way, the probability of catching, let alone punishing them is much reduced. But this is somehow fairer than allocating resources to the most likely suspects.

If the Moslems had delayed this attack by six months, the Religious hatred law would have been passed by Parliament which would have effectively made any comment or criticism of their actions illegal. The Moslem Council of Britain roundly condemns any mention of calling Moslem terrorism what it is – it somehow isn’t allowed and is classed as Islamophobia.

This Country has lost the guts to face up to the truth – it isn’t the Country I was born into and is rapidly becoming a place where if you are law abiding, British and white you are a second class citizen.

I want out ...